We are Christians in the Protestant tradition.

We believe that the world is deeply broken but even more deeply loved. We seek to participate in God’s healing work through study, prayer, and discipleship.

What we believe:

We worship the Triune God:  The Father (or Mother), Ultimate Mystery and Origin of all that is; the Human One, Jesus Christ, the Way out of our brokenness and our lack of love; and the Holy Spirit, the imperceptible power that brings about the healing of the world.

We believe that each person is on a pilgrim’s journey towards God. Each of us is on their own path and at a different stage of that journey. There are many paths; what matters is whether they lead to love. As Jesus said, “You will know them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:16).

We believe that doubts and questions are essential to the pilgrim’s journey. Faith finds us as we discover what lies beyond our own ideas.

Our vision:

Love: To love is to give oneself to others. We believe that love is humankind’s true purpose in this world. Like everyone else, we are rather incompetent at it, but we keep walking towards it.

Service: Love shows in service to others. Service can take any form, from a kind word on a bad day to a lifelong commitment to charity and justice. We seek to help each other find our personal calling to service.

Diversity: No one’s walk with God looks the same; no one’s experience of God is like anyone else’s. We welcome all loving expressions of faith, Christian or otherwise.

Justice: We hold that a culture is Christian if it cares for the needy and the outcast. Our faith compels us to actively engage in our community and speak up in the public square.


Do you believe that the Bible is the inerrant, infallible word of God?

Our view of Scripture is based on Scripture itself. Nowhere in the Bible is its text called the word of God. Instead, it explicitly instructs us that the Word of God is Jesus Christ (John 1:1-18). We do believe that all Scripture is God-inspired and useful (2 Timothy 3:16) to instruct us in Christ’s Way.

What is your stance regarding LGBTQ issues?

The Bible does not condemn loving same-sex relationships. Christ specifically teaches his disciples to embrace what earlier cultures may have rejected (Acts 10:9-35). One of the first converts to Christianity was a member of a despised and ostracized sexual minority (Acts 8:26-40). In keeping with the scriptural tradition, we welcome and affirm all loving expressions of human sexuality and gender identity. 

What is your stance regarding science?

Science and faith are two different forms of knowing. The former concerns itself with facts, the latter with love. We see no contradiction between the teachings of Scripture and accepted scientific findings such as evolution or human-induced climate change.

Are you a politicized church?

All our members have political opinions that are informed by their faith. As no two people’s faiths are alike, neither are anyone’s political opinions. We do address political questions as they arise, but our main purpose is to study and live out the Gospel.


Worship Times: Sundays at 10 am
Church Address: 1501 UNIVERSITY AVE. ROOM 115 (INSIDE OF ST. JOHN’S)
Contact Information: (Tel) 806-241-7233 | (Email)