Woman films herself working out and catches man ‘taking picture of her bum’

TikTok star Dani was filming herself working out at the gym so she could check her form, but when she watched the footage back she was shocked to see a colleague taking pictures of her bum

A woman filmed herself at the gym so she could check her form but was shocked when she watched the footage back – because she spotted a man taking pictures of her bum.

TikTok fitness star Dani wanted to make sure she was doing her leg exercises correctly so she positioned her phone to record her as she worked out at the gym, as the Daily Star reports.

But when she watched the footage back she saw a man, who she knew as he was a colleague, pausing behind her before getting his phone out and taking a picture of her.

When Dani had realised what happened she reported the incident to her boss, who was supportive and offered to ‘do anything’ to put the situation right.

The clip was taken earlier this year but Dani re-posted it as part of the trend of “what TikTok made you go viral” in 2021.

In several follow-up videos, she explained she only realised what had happened when she looked back at the video later that evening.

She said: “I did feel uncomfortable because I knew he was behind me but I did not know he was taking pictures.”

Dani claimed the man “had a very flirtatious personality” which “kind of grossed” her out.

After realising what he had done, she sent the video to her boss who said he would “do anything” to make her feel comfortable at work.

She continued: “I never once suggested that he fire him […] as far as I know, he still worked there for a while.

“I ended up leaving – not just because of that but a couple of other things. I couldn’t even be around the guy.”

The man himself said he was “deeply sorry” for his actions over text and claimed he had deleted the photo immediately.

Dani, in response, sent a “very long, thought-out response” to which she claims he only replied with a thumbs up.