My friend lost herself to her fiancé she even uninvited me from the wedding’

A woman has been left feeling ‘heartbroken’ over being uninvited from her best friend’s wedding after she was overheard bad mouthing her friend’s fiancé

A woman has expressed her heartbreak over being uninvited from her best friend’s wedding, after she was overheard saying the bride-to-be had “completely lost herself” to her future hubby and their new hobbies.

The woman’s best friend, Bethany, has been in a relationship with her partner Jim for five years, and in 2020 they got engaged and began planning their wedding.

“Bethany and I used to be really close like sisters. When she first got with Jim she started prioritising her relationship as months and years went by,” she wrote on Reddit’s AITA forum.

“She didn’t cut me off or anything but she stopped hanging out as much with me and the girls, and she stopped coming to basketball practice, which we’ve always done together.”

Concerned for her friend, the woman asked Bethany if she was okay, as it seemed like she’d been distant lately, but the bride-to-be told her friend she’d just lost interest in basketball and much preferred yoga these days, but this seemed to concern her friend even more.

“She also dropped out of college and went on to get a certification to be a yoga trainer, completely ruining her academic career. I thought Jim was behind this but everyone says she seems really happy now,” she added. “I couldn’t see it and I always thought she changed for the worst.”

Bethany told her that she hadn’t stopped hanging out with her friend, just that she needed to find a balance between work, hobbies, relationships and friendships.

“She always had time for Jim but never for us. Everyone told me I’m overreacting since she still hangs out with us. I know she does but it’s not like in the past when we’d hang out more often so there’s definitely a change,” the woman ranted.

“Two weeks ago she had her bachelorette party. Another friend of mine and I were discussing how she’s centred her whole life around planning her wedding for a whole year and how she’s lost herself to that man and her pretentious hobbies. Bethany’s sister overheard me and told her what she heard and Bethany didn’t speak to me for the rest of the night.”

The next day Bethany sent her friend a long text message letting her know she was uninvited fro the wedding, “since I don’t seem too happy about it and that if I’m gonna be overly judgemental about her life and her choices I don’t deserve to be part of her special day.”

The woman said: “I am completely heartbroken by this and everyone around me tells me I had it coming and that I’m the a**hole for talking badly about her and her choices in her bachelor party and how my whole attitude towards her choices for all these years was leading up to this moment.”

One Reddit user responded: “How could you not be the a**hole? You’ve been judging her for her choices for years, then were bashing her at the bachelorette party because she (checks notes) does yoga? Congrats, you just cost yourself a friendship.”

“You don’t seem to actually be concerned about your friend but rather you don’t like that things between you aren’t exactly the same as before. Newsflash: people change,” another added.