Baked bean fanatic is going to celebrate Christmas by covering entire dinner in beans

In a move that is sure to prove controversial to many Christmas dinner lovers, one man has shared how he plans to celebrate on December 25 by drowning his plate in baked beans

When it comes to Christmas dinner, each year there are arguments about which ingredients should and shouldn’t be included.

From Yorkshire puddings to cauliflower cheese, people have a lot of opinions.

But one man is sure to have found the most controversial addition of all and he plans on smothering his entire plate in it.

Baked bean fanatic, Captain Beany, is planning to enjoy his Christmas dinner in the only way he knows how… By covering it in Heinz beans.

Captain Beany, formerly known as Barry Kirk, became infatuated with Heinz baked beans after creating a Guinness World Record in 1986 by spending 100 hours in a bath filled with the traditional British dish.

He went on to change his name by deed poll to Captain Beany in May 1991 in a bid to be seen as a “local superhero”.

As well as enjoying a festive feast of beans, the 67-year-old from Port Talbot, Wales, has also decorated his Christmas tree with homemade Heinz baked beans baubles and cans.

His plans for the unusual dinner come as he spends the holiday alone, having been single for decades.

He explained: “I’ve been single all my life so I’m spending Christmas on my own this year in my flat.

“Heinz brought out baubles in recent years and I’ve been hanging empty Heinz baked beans cans on the Christmas tree.

“I’ve even made my own Christmas crackers with Heinz packaging wrapped around them!”

He continued to say: “This Christmas, I’ll be swapping out the traditional gravy for baked beans on my Christmas dinner.

“I’ll be eating it off one of my Heinz baked beans branded plates and toasting with a ‘beana colada!’

“I’m over the moon with my little Christmas tree; I’ve kept it up all year because it looks so good”.

Prior to becoming Captain Beany, Barry was known for doing stunt challenges and decided he wanted to create a world record.

In 1986, Barry set the Guinness World Record for sitting in a bath of baked beans for 100 hours and still holds the record to this day.

Since then, the baked bean fanatic has spent £10,000 on turning his home into a baked beans haven.

He added: “People thought I was crazy in the beginning but now, I’m known as a local legend.

“I do guest appearances, perform video messages for people wishing them a happy birthday, and my home is like a museum for baked beans!

“It’s great fun for kids having selfies with the Captain.”

Captain Beany has raised over £100,000 for charity since taking on his role as a baked bean fanatic.